The AIoT Era is back!

Empowering the AIoT Community: Recap of the 2021 Era and What's to Come

The AIoT Era is a trail of events created in 2021 by Curitiba Connectory in partnership with Intel Corporation, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and CPqD. The goal of the AIoT Era is to provide an educational experience in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things for all audiences interested in the topic, whether with a technical or business focus, for research institutes, startups, corporations, universities, and innovation hubs.

In 2021, the AIoT Era held over 24 events with themes of IoT, AI, Cyber Security, and Connectivity, featuring more than 30 speakers and over 500 subscribers from all over Brazil, including participants from over 10 different states. The events were open to the public, with some available on YouTube for anyone to watch.

The AIoT Era also includes a closed LinkedIn group with over 200 members, fostering knowledge and connections between participants.

On July 12th, the AIoT Era opened its 2022 trail with a 1-hour lecture on the important concept of Lifelong Learning. The lecture featured Jane Ellen Morales, Software Competency Operations Manager at CPQD, and Camila Brasil Gonçalves Campos, Director of the Center for Economics and Administration at PUC-Campinas. The event was free and included a certificate of participation.

The AIoT Era provides a unique opportunity for anyone interested in the fields of AI and IoT to learn, connect, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. To learn more about upcoming events and to register, visit the AIoT Era website at Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of the AIoT Era community and to explore the future of AI and IoT.

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