Driving Innovation through ICT Research and Development


CPQD is one of the largest research and development centers in Latin America. Focusing on innovation in information and communication technologies (ICT), CPQD maintains a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are used in the most diverse market segments, in Brazil and abroad, and accelerate the generation of value in the process of digital transformation contributing to the operational excellence of organizations, the transformation of the user experience, the reinvention of business models, security and compliance and the creation of new products.

As part of the “Era AIoT” knowledge journey, Curitiba Connectory in partnership with Intel, AWS, and CPQD, organized a series of events focused on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. The aim of these events was to promote knowledge about AIoT and facilitate connections among attendees.

In 2021, the journey featured 22 events and two bonus events that participants could attend based on their interests and preferences. These events provided a platform for businesses and individuals to learn about the latest developments in AIoT and explore how they could leverage these technologies to drive innovation and growth in their respective fields.