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All Things The Connectory Brasil

Jornada: Design Organizacional

The first meeting of the Organizational Design Journey took place on August 4th, at Campinas Connectory, as part of a series of events focused on current leadership issues and organizational practices,

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The inauguration of DigiHub – Know more!

Shaping the Digital Future of the Region On February 14th, 2023, DigiHub Bosch Latin America opened its doors as a collaborative space for innovative projects and businesses focused on digitalization and

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The Connectory Brasil

The Connectory Brasil: Collaborate, connect, and innovate with us! The digital world is constantly evolving and breaking down physical barriers that were previously required to bring partners together. In the midst

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BCW Satellite 2022

BCW: The Leading Event for IoT and Digital Transformation now on Connectory Locations Bosch Connected World, a prominent event in the field of AIot and digital transformation, took place on December

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