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The Connectory is a community of professionals dedicated to exploring new frontiers of technology and business through partnerships with startups, universities, and corporations. The Connectory does this in two ways:

1. the Connectory Ecosystem & Spaces:
Five global spaces in Chicago, USA; Guadalajara, Mexico; Stuttgart, Germany; Shanghai, China and Curitiba and Campinas in Brazil. These are physical spaces and innovation incubators with state-of-the-art technology and security, specialized programming, and guidance from leading experts in IoT, digitalization, and innovation.

2. The Connectory Innovation Portfolio and Services:
More than just co-innovation spaces, The Connectory offers partners a co-creation model that promotes collaboration, networking, problem solving, collective innovation and a new way of working in the age of connectivity. Connecting people, communities and technology, and offering a wide range of innovation services.

The Curitiba Connectory was founded in 2019, being the first Connectory in the South American region and created by Bosch in partnership with Habitat Senai. It is located inside the Industry Campus at the Federation of Industries of Paran√° and has as main focus areas: AIoT – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Industry 4.0 and Open Innovation. With the goal of fostering a culture of innovation and an entrepreneurial attitude in partnership with other companies, startups, universities, institutes, and organization.

The Campinas Connectory was founded in 2023, and represents the expansion of Connectory’s successful model throughout Brazil and Latin America, going beyond the physical spaces to offer a range of innovative services, boosting new partnerships and businesses. It is located inside the Bosch DigiHub in Campinas and has as its main purpose, besides promoting the development of the innovation ecosystem in the region, to leverage the generation of new digital businesses. Its main focus areas for partnerships are: Mining and Agriculture, Mobility, Industry 4.0, Digital Services and application of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things solutions.

With the breaking down of physical barriers, previously necessary for the meeting and formation of partnerships, the digitalization of the ecosystem brought us the possibility to expand the concept of the Connectory to all of Brazil.
Our mission is to build a connected world, promoting connections and partnerships that will accelerate the innovation process and generate an impact on the creation of innovative solutions among startups, companies, universities and the community.

Here are some opportunities you may find with us:

  • Educational experiences, generating and sharing all the learnings and knowledge from the focus areas, always in a practical way, like our IoT Lab Workshop.
  • Co-creation & Innovation programs such as Hackathons, Workshops, where we seek and generate new business ideas, always developing them together with our partners.
  • Project Acceleration, establishing relevant partnerships with other companies, startups and universities, aiming to develop solutions to shared challenges, new products, services and business models.Tours to get to know our innovation space and Bosch cases in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.acceleration.

We also host open events for all those who have interest and wish to Interact with the Bosch Innovation and IoT ecosystem, as our meetups and tours.

Our focus is to develop new digital solutions through the participation of both Bosch collaborators and partners (startups, companies, universities) engaged in the focus themes of The Connectory Brazil. Regardless if in Curitiba, Campinas or any other region of Latin America, we want to promote this goal through co-creation events, educational experiences and participation and acceleration of innovation projects.
We also have open events for everyone who is interested and wants to interact with the innovation ecosystem and Bosch IoT, such as meetups and tours.
You can follow the schedule on our website, LinkedIn and on our Sympla page.
Contact our team directly to propose joint actions, we are open to partnerships and to the creation of new events and new approaches to collaboration! Come build new solutions together with us!

  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/theconnectorybrasil
  • Website: www.theconnectorybrasil.com
  • LinkedIn:
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@TheConnectoryBrasil
  • Sympla (events page) www.sympla.com.br/theconnectorybrasil
  • E-mail: theconnectorybrasil@bosch.com