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LinkedIn Day: Exploring the Possibilities of the Platform and Redefining the Professional Success of Bosch Employees

LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks for professionals around the world and its impact on the job market continues to grow every day. That’s why Bosch Brazil decided to create LinkedIn Day: a complete event for its employees to explore all the possibilities and discover how this platform can make a difference to their careers.

The event was attended by more than 80 employees from the Campinas Connectory and was broadcast online to the company’s other locations. The program was divided into two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and featured an agenda full of current LinkedIn content, discussing the effective use of the platform, as well as exploring the latest market trends.

Participants were invited behind the scenes of Bosch’s internal LinkedIn ambassador program, Bosch Voices, to understand how they can boost the brand and their careers by working together. They were also able to explore the latest market trends and learn how to use them in their strategies.

The talks held during LinkedIn Day covered topics relevant to the participants, providing enriching content. “Building an Outstanding Online Presence”, presented by Larissa and Luana Dias, helped employees understand how to create an attractive profile, showing what should be taken into account when presenting oneself to the virtual world. “The Only 03 Trends You Need to Know”, presented by Thiago La Torre, highlighted the main trends in the current marketing market. And #ABoschT√°On, presented by Aline Melosi, showed the impact of social networks on the professional lives of the company’s employees, offering valuable insights to further improve their professional profile.

The professional photography sessions offered during LinkedIn Day were a major highlight of the event, giving participants the opportunity to update their profile pictures and ensure a prominent online presence. With all the learning acquired during the event and the renewed images, Bosch employees will certainly be able to boost their LinkedIn careers even further.

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