Highlights from Campinas Connectory’s Inaugural Event

Digital Innovation Journey: Connect with the Innovation Ecosystem

The Digital Innovation Journey event, organized by Campinas Connectory, took place on April 17th and 18th in Campinas, São Paulo, with over 150+ participants over the spaw of 2-days. The event aimed to connect the region’s innovation ecosystem and cultivate strategic partnerships.

The event featured a diverse range of panels, including People in Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Open Innovation. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with renowned speakers and learn about the latest trends and topics in tech and innovation.

People in tech: learnings and opportunities panel, moderated by Graziele Bassi, HR Specialist at Bosch, featured Henrique Dona, Chief of Technical Training at Bosch, Silva Matos, Director of Systems Analysis at PUC-Campinas, and Claudia Melo, Director of Technology at 42 SP.

Artificial Intelligence: Panel about applications, trends and where we are going, moderated by Bruna Amaral, Open Innovation developer at Bosch, featured Rodrigo Andrade, Technology and Innovation Engineer at Bosch, and Nanci Gardim, Open Innovation Manager at CPQD.

And lastly, Open Innovation: Importance of Partnerships in generating business panel moderated by Fernando Matsunaga, Technology and Innovation Senior Manager at Bosch, featured Joana Janssen, Open Innovation Coordinator at Endeavor Brasil, Cesar Rossin, Innovation Program Manager at GROW, and Jose Azarite, Founder and Corporate Innovation Vice President at Venture Hub.

The Digital Innovation Journey provided professionals, entrepreneurs, and startups with a stimulating environment to exchange ideas and foster strategic partnerships. Attendees had the chance to expand their networks and discover new business possibilities.

The two-day event was a remarkable opportunity to connect and foster strategic partnerships in the region’s innovation ecosystem. Stay tuned for more information about the event we will share soon!


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