Habitat Senai

Habitat Senai


The Habitat Senai is is a collaborative space for the exchange of experiences between innovative companies and the Fiep System, specialized in consulting focused on innovation and productivity to increase the competitiveness of the industry.

There ideas are transformed into projects in an environment specially designed to develop solutions that meet the demands of the industry.

The Fiep System works for sustainable industrial development, coordinating, protecting, legally representing and defending the interests of the various industrial segments in the public and private sectors, and Habitat Senai is a business unit of it.

What they offer

Habitat Senai, in its areas of operation, aims to develop innovative projects that stimulate productivity, economic growth and environmental sustainability through the adoption of new technologies. Discover the possibilities:

  • Incredible space that encourages collaboration and partnerships in project development
  • Team development in partnership with Senai’s Education areas
  • Access to various services to support innovation and improve the competitiveness of the industry