BCW Satellite 2022

BCW: The Leading Event for IoT and Digital Transformation now on Connectory Locations

Bosch Connected World, a prominent event in the field of AIot and digital transformation, took place on December 9th and 10th in a hybrid format. The event featured lectures and live broadcasts from Berlin, as well as satellite events in different locations, including Campinas, Guadalajara, Chicago, and Shanghai.

The BCW Satellite in Campinas offered lectures on innovative solutions present in the region and provided networking opportunities for attendees. In Guadalajara, the event focused on talks related to AIoT, connectivity, demos, mentoring, and networking.

The BCW Satellite in Chicago included open talks with IoT experts, panels on Industry 4.0, lectures from Berlin, and many other learning opportunities for local attendees. Meanwhile, the BCW Satellite in Shanghai highlighted talks on Smart Cities 3.0 and panel discussions on collaborations between Deeptech Startups and MNC Corporations.

Overall, the BCW satellite events provided an excellent platform for experts to share their knowledge and showcase the latest innovations in the field. These events facilitated networking and collaborations between different stakeholders, including startups, corporations, and governments. The talks and discussions focused on various aspects of AIot and digital transformation, providing valuable insights for attendees to shape the future of these fields.


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