News: AIoT Era – A knowledge journey by Curitiba Connectory, Intel, AWS and CPQD

Revolutionizing the Future of IoT with AI: A Collaborative Knowledge Journey

Curitiba Connectory, in partnership with Intel, AWS, and CPQD, recently embarked on a journey to foster knowledge of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things) and generate connections amongst attendees. The Era AIoT campaign, recognized as the best IoT marketing campaign and action of the year in the “Outstanding IoT Innovation” category at Intel Brazil, featured a series of events aimed at providing an end-to-end educational experience for interested audiences, including technical or business-focused individuals, research institutes, startups, corporations, universities, and innovation hubs.

The series of events, available in Portuguese only, was designed to cover a range of topics in the field of AIoT, including machine learning, edge computing, data security, connectivity, and more. Participants had the opportunity to engage with experts in the field and learn about the latest advancements and trends.

The campaign opened with the Era AIoT: Abertura event and continued with events from each of the partnering organizations, including CPQD’s Collaboration: Science and Technology in the Innovation Ecosystem, AWS’s IPSENSE & AWS: Using Machine Learning in Quicksight, Bosch’s Data Security: What is its Importance?, Intel’s Vision of AIoT and Technology Trends, CPqD’s Machine Integration: Real-Time Data and Alerts, Intel’s Adoption of Computer Vision and Edge Computing by the Brazilian Industry, and much more.

One of the highlights of the campaign was the hands-on event, where participants had the opportunity to prototype and validate their projects with the latest computer vision and deep learning technology. Attendees were also able to learn about automation of decisions, 5G and connectivity in industrial solutions, and data engineering immersion.

The Era AIoT campaign was an opportunity for individuals and organizations to deepen their understanding of the field of AIoT, collaborate with industry experts, and make valuable connections with other attendees. For those interested in learning more, the website ERAAIOT.COM.BR provides access to each event held during the journey, as well as a YouTube playlist with the open events of the AIoT Era: Click here to access the playlist.


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